Protective Gears

Disposable Gloves

Italtrim Medical offers disposable protective gloves which feature a wide range of materials and grades. Disposable gloves can be classified into different classes by the level of protection, comfort and durability, fitting into various circumstances. They are either powdered (chalk/ cornstarch) - which are easier to wear but may not be the optimal the considering cleanness and medical concerns; or non-powdered, more preferred in the medical sector. Most disposable gloves drop into one of these types: latex gloves, nitrile gloves and vinyl gloves.

Characteristics of each of them include

  • Latex: great elasticity providing the best fit and comfort and tactile quality. One drawback is that some users might be allergic to latex
  • Nitrile: as a natural devoid of latex, it is allergy-free and hence preferred by surgeons and doctors
  • Vinyl: made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), usually the cheapest latex-free gloves. However, the mechanical properties are comparatively low

The gloves are PPE under the EU 2016/425, accessed and sub-categorized according to the protection level offered and risk assessment. The higher the risk, the higher the standards and the more rigorous the tests needed.

Below are the standards usually found for the 3 materials listed above and adopted by gloves manufacturers

  • En420: General performance and labelling requirement for protective gloves
  • En374: Protection from chemicals and micro-organism
  • En455: Single-use medical gloves

The gloves also meet the requirements imposed by Regulation EU 1935/2004 for food-graded products.


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