Protective Gears

Surgical Gowns

Surgical gowns are protective medical devices used by surgeons and the surgical team for all types of procedures. In the healthcare profession, disposable surgical gown plays a crucial role in asepsis by reducing the transfer of bacteria from the skin of the medical staff to the air and providing a barrier to prevent blood strikethrough and fluid contamination during surgical procedures. The surgical gown comes with two options: sterile or non-sterile. For the sterile, sterilisation procedures have been assessed by the authorized body to be certified. Made in either Italy or China, surgical gowns from both origins are certified in compliance with strict QA standards, safeguarding medical professionals in any operations.


Under the European MDD 93/42, they shall be compliant with EN 13795:2011+A1:2013 that sets forth the general and performance requirements for drapes, gowns and clean air suits.

Key Features

  • Single-use
  • Secure protection (backed by ultrasonic technology)
  • Anti-fluid, anti-alcohol, anti-blood, anti-static
  • Durable
  • Comfortable, lightweight and breathable
  • Tear-resistant
  • Flame retardant

Users can pick from the standard or reinforced surgical gowns. Non-reinforced surgical gowns are less durable and designed for surgical procedures with moderate fluid contact. Reinforced surgical gowns have reinforced protection at chest level and on the arms, specifically made for more invasive and intense surgical procedures.

Certificate: CE, FDA, ISO 13485 and EN13795

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