Sanitizers & Dispensers

Sanitizing Gel & Spray

Produced in partnership with Natura House SpA, our trusted companion that is specialised in natural personal care products manufacturing.

The sanitizing gel helps reduce infectious agents on hands with an alcohol-based formulation that emanates a pleasing scent. Available in various sizes and container options, it is also open to personalization using your brand’s elements.

The multipurpose sanitizing spray is designed to be applied on everyday objects that come within close contact of the skin, such as non-medical protective masks, mobile phones and sunglasses. It is gentle to the skin and can be used on face masks, with natural and mild ingredients such as aloe vera and malva or menthol. (Alcohol-free sanitizing gel & spray available)



Keeping the hands clean is the rule of thumb to stop the spread of germs and bacteria. Italtrim Medical provides dispensers catering to the hygiene needs of different settings, with models that come with a stand holder or can be mounted to the wall, fitting into your home, hospital, office, washroom, school and public place. Manual and automatic available.


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